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ADEAREST's commitment to quality is applied from initial tender enquiry right to contract completion. "Fitness for purpose" is assured.

QA (Quality Assurance)

ADEAREST applies in-house Quality Assurance procedures that are adapted to suit clients' particular requirements. The company implements internal systems of checks to ensure work is carried out as intended and to allow mistakes to be spotted and corrected early, limiting the risk of defective work going undetected.

QC (Quality Control)

ADEAREST implements in-house operational techniques and activities to verify that specific standards have been met at all stages of construction. The finished product is always adequately tested and inspected to ensure proper control.

QM (Quality Management)

ADEAREST is fully aware that in order to achieve its business goals, it must constantly strive to meet all clients' requirements. As such, the company puts great emphasis on the responsibilities of every employee to complete tasks right first time. It also creates an environment in which constructive and responsible attitudes are encouraged.



ADEAREST employs a team of in-house safety engineers who follow projects from design stage to implementation. Strict safety standards are followed as expected from our clients and in line with IIAR standards and international regulations.


An in-house training program is implemented for the different trades employed at ADEAREST. Typically, training is carried out over a specific period of time and includes theory and practical aspects of the trade. Staff are graded in accordance with performance and a clear development plan is agreed with each employee. Special emphasis is placed on bringing staff members up through the organisation and it is not unusual to find individuals who have served ADEAREST for 35 years or more.

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